Are you dealing with dry skin?

Dry skin can be very uncomfortable because it is always itchy. The reason for the itch is because the skin seems to be constantly thirsty. Either you have dry skin naturally or your dry skin is as a result of environmental aggressors making your skin flaky and parched; the truth is that dry skin can be extremely annoying.

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Dry skin is susceptible to showing early signs of ageing and this is one of the biggest problems of having it. You will have to moisturize constantly  especially if it is a dry one. However, facial dry skin is not like regular dry skins of the body. You should treat your facial dry skin carefully because it is more sensitive as a result of exposure to elements such as cold weather, wind and sun.

As serious as having dry skin might look, it is not as serious as it seems. You need to understand the reason for having dry skin so as to be able to defeat it. All you need is a little change in your lifestyle & skincare routine with the help of moisturizers and conditioners so as to keep your skin healthy. To read more click here.


But what exactly causes dry skin?

The major cause of dry skin is as a result of decrease in fatty acids which is also known as lipids. Lipids are responsible for locking in the moisture and keeping the skin soft and supple.

Dry skin occurs as a result оf under-асtіvе оr nоn-рrоduсtіvе sebaceous glаndѕ (glands that secret the skin’s natural oil). Wіth drу ѕkіns, the oil glаndѕ еіthеr bаrеlу рrоduсе (оr dо nоt рrоduсе аt аll) еnоugh oil tо kеер thе skin naturally lubricated.

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